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Jul 08 2011

Moody’s Has No Clothes On

     I think we all remember the story of the little guy in the village who had the courage to tell the big guys that the king (who was parading about… strutting his stuff) was, in fact, naked – encouraging everyone to openly recognize the truth.  The parallels with Portugal, the World, and Moody’s are attractive, and should remind us that the rating agency’s lordly presumptuousness and questionable agenda actually provide Portugal with a tremendous opportunity.

     Portugal has the chance here to regain enormous trust and respect on the EU stage and beyond – with long-term advantages that can scarcely be estimated – and it would be tragic to lose the opportunity (and simultaneously validate Moody’s rash assessment of the nation’s ability and commitment to do what it says it is doing).

     FACT:  Moody’s will emerge from this episode either:

  • more securely installed on its throne of economic tyranny

              – or -

  • naked.

     The resolve of the Portuguese people will determine which.

     I recall Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa a few years back calling for the Portuguese people to display the national flag to show pride in a football team.  It might be exactly the right time now to do something similar again – and the game today is far more important.  How about a T-shirt campaign:  red and green, declaring, “MOODY’S  HAS  NO  CLOTHES  ON” or something similar – something to rally the populace to the hardship that is upon us.

     By showing Moody’s to be naked, the king will learn some sorely-needed humility and the big guys in the community will learn that big things can come in small packages.

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5 Comentários para “Moody’s Has No Clothes On”

  1. CRMa 08 Jul 2011 as 10:22

    Thank you so much for the inspirational text! We should definitely see and face this challenge as an opportunity.

  2. jorge bravoa 08 Jul 2011 as 12:41

    Lets naked it!
    Beter than in the flag, put it in a mail and spam them!
    Do it NOW!

  3. PMPa 08 Jul 2011 as 13:34

    É o deficit corrente pá !
    Não há pachorra para tanta desculpazinha.

  4. PMPa 09 Jul 2011 as 18:42
    Vítor Bento critica discurso hipócrita sobre as agências de rating em entrevista à SIC Notícias

  5. ACGa 11 Jul 2011 as 14:40

    Como dizia Heisenberg, “medir é perturbar”, e a medição da MOODY’S, relativamente a Portugal – mais o comportamento da UE, Comissão, BCE e países dominantes – tornou a nossa tarefa bem mais difícil. Em economia, a gestão das expectativas é da maior relevância e a MOODY’S está a dificultar, em muito, a nossa tarefa.
    Sim, somos responsáveis pela situação que vivemos, na medida em que não fomos suficientemente sábios para perceber que tanta facilidade, tanto crédito, iria sair-nos muito caro.