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Set 26 2011


NERO:  acronym for Numb European Ruling Order… you know… the authority that is supposed to advance (and save) the Union, but fiddles about instead, watching Rome burn.

And let’s not forget the American counterpart, GODOT, Guys Overseas Deadlocked in Opposition Too…

and (all of the) OtheRS, Observing the Ruined Societies.

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  1. PMPa 26 Set 2011 as 11:21

    Pode ser que os deuses resolvam os nosso problemas e assim podemos manter a prequiça intelectual e o complicadismo .

  2. Jorge Bravoa 27 Set 2011 as 8:34

    Like Rome, burn it after all !

  3. PMPa 28 Set 2011 as 16:31

    The latest piece by Ambrose Evants-Pritchard of the Telegraph highlights a disturbing error this deep into the crisis. Angela Merkel is still referring to this crisis as a debt crisis:

    Angela Merkel told German industry today that we are not facing ”a euro crisis, but a debt crisis.”

    He goes on to describe why this is wrong:

    “She is wrong. Total levels of private and sovereign debt in the eurozone are lower than in the UK, the US, and far lower than in Japan.

    …Not because of debt, except in the most superficial sense.

    The reason this crisis keeps grinding ever deeper is because the euro itself is a machine for perpetual destruction. The currency is fundamentally warped and misaligned.

    It spans a 30pc gap in competitiveness between North and South. Intra-EMU current account deficits have become vast, chronic, and corrosive. Monetary Union is inherently poisonous.”